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As one of the hosts of this very first Shopify meetup in Taiwan, we are more than happy to see things finally starting to become easier for local Shopify merchants, partners and app developers. Since no meetup was held before in the country, the basics were discussed. From what we’ve learned, however, that’s actually where the biggest problems lie.

For starters, Namra Deka, Shopify’s APAC Market Development Manager, gave a brief presentation on the growth and the great potential of using shopify in Asia Pacific region, encouraging people to join the big Shopify community.

Why Shopify?

Andrew, the founder and designer of Gruriia group, was invited to share their story of success. Guerrilla Group is a military-style clothing brand. They’ve tried various e-commerce platforms at the beginning but chose Shopify considering its flexibility, which made their high standard web page design possible. With exquisitely crafted visuals, high-quality products, and fine website engineering, Guerrilla Group has become a well known international brand frequently worn by celebrities.

The problem Guerrilla Group and many other Shopify merchants in Taiwan face is the payment. The gateways Shopify payment offers aren’t locally used and have complex fee structures. There are more than 150 Shopify merchants now in Taiwan. Most of them can’t choose but to rely on 2Checkout, HiTrust, Paypal, even with their high transaction fees and withdrawal fees.


Hearing people’s voices, Joseph Liao, TapPay’s VP of Business shed some light on their ongoing payment integration with Shopify. Merchants and buyers in Taiwan will soon be able to have a payment method with reasonable fees. They’re also working on “seamless payment”, which could avoid the unpleasant pop-up verification pages and smooth up checkout processes, aiming to increase merchants’ conversion rate.


Having branches all over the world, Kerry TJ Logistics excels at both cross-border and local delivery. Logistics integration is practically not as difficult as that of payment, as long as someone is willing to go for it. Kerry TJ Logistics is in action, allowing merchants to sell more easily, buyers to have more choices and be able to keep track of their orders directly in the near future.

“Shopify is no longer just a company, it stands for a whole ecosystem,” said Ray Kung.

Akohub developed a Facebook retargeting app that was once chosen as the best Facebook related app on Shopify. As a Shopify partner, its CEO, Ray Kung shared his experience of attending Shopify Pursuit and Unite in Singapore and San Francisco. He pointed out the entrepreneurship and the ecosystem of Shopify — unlike many other platforms, Shopify is very willing to partner up and cooperate with others. That made them achieved where they are today.

We would like to thank all the participants for their hard work and great sharing. As one of the Shopify partners and the host of the event, there’s nothing more gratifying than getting feedbacks and seeing groups of people stayed and shared their experience after the event.

The next Shopify Meetup is currently scheduled in August 2019. In the meantime, feel free to join us on Facebook: Shopify Taiwan Community Group and continue your discussion 🙂

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